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Are you covered?

Many Canadians believe that they’re insured against water damage caused by storm surge, overflow from a body of water, and other factors. They’re not. Is it time to rethink your water-related coverage?

How does water get in?

Overflow from a body of water
Water/septic/sewer backup
Extreme rain
Storm surge/waves from storm or hurricane
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Extreme weather in Canada

Water-related events, like flooding, are now the most common type of natural disaster in Canada. In fact, since 2008, extreme weather has cost Canadians an average of more than $1 billion per year in insured losses. See why water damage protection matters.

The risk of water damage is different for everyone.

It depends on where you live, the weather, and other factors. Know your risk with our easy online assessment.

Find out if your home is at risk

Reduce and prevent potential water damage and its costs
Reduce and prevent potential water damage and its costs

There are quick and easy steps that you can take to reduce - even prevent - potential water damage and its costs.

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Protecting you from water damage

Comprehensive Water protects you and your belongings against sudden and accidental water damage caused by a storm surge, a sewer back-up, or an overflowing body of water - wherever you live, and whatever your property type.

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