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If the threat of water damage can be difficult to plan against, the results can be even more complicated. That’s why our simplified Comprehensive Water coverage offers everything you need to protect your home and belongings against sudden and accidental water damage.* Whether you own or rent, and whether it’s a condo or a seasonal property, Comprehensive Water is designed to help you rest easy.

Our Comprehensive Water coverage makes it easy to protect your home and valuables against sudden and accidental water damage,* which may be caused by:

  • water, septic or sewer backups - overflow that enters your home through inside drains, a sump-pit drainage system or from outside sources
  • storm surge - a rise in lake or ocean level (above the normal, predicted level) during a storm or hurricane
  • waves and spray - when resulting from a storm or hurricane
  • the overflow of any natural or man-made body of water - including lakes, rivers, creeks and streams, and any flooding caused by breaking dams, levees or other water-containment systems
  • surface water - the build-up of water caused by heavy rainfall, fast snow melts and extreme weather
  • a rising water table - underground water rising to the surface, causing damage (leaks and sudden breaks) to walkways, driveways, foundations, walls or floors

Your Comprehensive Water coverage is flexible, which means that you can use it however you choose. Based on your policy type, your benefits could include:

  • a single limit for any amount (from $5,000 to policy limit for homeowners, and from $2,500 to policy limit for tenants) to use for your personal property, including buildings, detached structures, loss of use, cleanup and debris removal, outdoor swimming pool and/or hot tub
  • coverage to repair water and sewer pipes on your property
  • coverage for your outdoor trees, shrubs and plants*
  • no obligation to rebuild in the event of a total loss (if your home is damaged beyond repair, you receive the actual rebuilding cost with materials of similar quality, up to your limit of insurance, with no deduction for depreciation; you can also rebuild in another location)
  • a loss-prevention reimbursement - of up to $5,000 - for costs related to the protection of your premises due to a flood warning (for example, any costs associated with sand bagging)
  • additional Living Expenses reimbursement: expenses (up to a specified limit) that result from water damage keeping you out of your residence

You’ll enjoy a flexible deductible: instead of paying a flat dollar amount, your deductible will be a percentage of your claim amount - from 2% to 35%, with the minimum deductible of $1,000 for Quebec and other risk types or $2,000 for Homeowners.

As a home, residential or seasonal property owner, you can become eligible* for discounts by installing loss-prevention devices, such as:

  • A backflow prevention device (BPD), installed on the sewer or septic line; if connected to a municipal sewer, clean-out access is also required (many Canadian municipalities will subsidize the installation of a backwater valve - sometimes up to 100% of the cost)
  • A secondary automatic powered backup sump pump (must have an automatic power source, such as a battery, to qualify for a discount)

*Some conditions may apply, contact your local Financial Advisor for more details

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