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*Available only in Ontario. Home to Be app is only available in English.

The Co-operators believes that buying a home for the first time should be a joy, not a pain. So we created Home to Be, a free app that provides first-time homebuyers with all the information they need to purchase the house that’s right for them—like home value, mortgage requirements, anticipated repair costs, insurance needs, and more.

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Know what it’s worth

The asking price isn’t always a good indicator of a home’s worth. In fact, price and value can—and do—conflict. To get the real scoop (and to guide your offer price), type in the address of the home you’re interested in and we’ll show you a low-to-high price range based on similar properties that have recently sold in the neighbourhood.

What Is Worth

Estimate your monthly mortgage payments

Just because you have the money for a down payment, doesn’t mean you can afford the home long term. Crunch the real numbers before you buy. Enter your offer price or the asking price and your down payment to see what you’ll likely have to pay monthly for the next couple decades.

Know what’s up in the neighbourhood

Neighbourhood trends can impact home prices and living experiences. Check out the overall appreciation/depreciation trends in the neighbourhood you’re looking to purchase in. We’ll show you specific home value estimates plus the type of properties that are selling like hotcakes (single family homes, condos, etc.)


Calculate expected insurance premium

If you have a mortgage, you have to have insurance. That said, insurance costs vary. Premiums are based on the home you buy. Tell us what home you’re looking at and we’ll calculate what you can expect to pay in insurance premiums.

Uncover hidden costs

If the home you’re looking at requires repairs—inside or out—it can add up. Fast. Tell us what you see and we’ll evaluate whether the home needs repair and, if it does, what kind of costs you can expect to fix it.

Calculate premium

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