Aviator Portfolios™

Aviator Portfolios™ goes beyond financial advice and planning. This segregated fund product puts an emphasis on personal care and unique investment strategies. If you have above average investable assets and your goal is to diversify your portfolio, plan your retirement, leave a legacy, or protect your capital and your estate, Aviator Portfolios™ offers those solutions, and more.

Product features and benefits

Aviator Portfolios™ provides the growth potential of equity markets and the security of capital protection.

As the owner of the policy, you can:

  • choose a guarantee level; and, a registered or non-registered plan
  • make lump-sum or regular payments
  • start scheduled payments now or later
  • name the person who will receive your death benefit

Guarantee levels

Your maturity benefit guarantee protects the value of your investment at specific dates in the future. Your death benefit guarantee protects the value of your investments if you pass away.

75/75 - 75% of investment deposits are guaranteed upon maturity and death

75/100 - 75% of investment deposit is guaranteed upon maturity, and 100% upon death.

Contact your Financial Advisor to fully understand the benefits of each guarantee level, and get customized advice and information that fits your needs and budget.

Death benefit reset

With the 75/100 guarantee level, an automatic annual reset occurs at age 55 and then every five years between ages 55 and 80. When your investments grow, the reset locks in that increase in value and it becomes your new Death Benefit Guarantee amount.

Additional features

After purchasing a policy, you’ll be able to:

  • make contributions
  • make investment changes
  • make withdrawals
  • schedule payments

Are you a business owner?

In the event of a lawsuit or bankruptcy, with an appointed family member as the beneficiary, your funds may be protected from creditors.