Investor Profile Questionnaire
Group retirement plans from The Co-operators

These easy-to-follow steps help to determine your investment style:

  • Complete the following questionnaire in full.
  • Check the response that most closely matches your situation and preference. The number beside your response is the point value for that response.
  • Add up your score.
  • To find out what type of investor you are, compare your total score to the various profile ranges listed on the next page.

Whenever your financial or personal situation changes, it’s important to complete this questionnaire again and re-examine your investment goals.

Investor Profile Questionnaire

1.  How long before you expect to use the money saved in this plan?

2.  What is your current age category?

3.  Would you use savings in this plan from time to time to purchase required items or to help with unexpected expenses?

4.  Do you have a spouse or partner who is saving for their retirement?

5.  Which of the following best describes your employment situation?

6.  Which of the following would include your family’s net worth (assets minus liabilities)?

7.  What is your annual household income?

8.  How knowledgeable are you about investing and the various options available?

9.  Which of the following statements would you feel best describes your investment philosophy?

10.  Do you worry about what is happening with your investments?

11.  If the stock market fell by 25% in one month, how would you react?