How does insurance work?

Whether you're new to insurance or a long-time client, we're sure you have questions. In this section, get to know more about what insurance is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Why do we need insurance?

Insurance is one of those necessities in life, but have you ever wondered why you really need it? Find out why insurance is important for everyone.

How insurance rates are calculated

Find out more about the factors that affect insurance rates and your premium.

What happens when I make a claim?

You're insured with The Co-operators and you've called to submit your claim. Now what? Find out what you can expect with a brief overview of our claims process.

Why is auto insurance regulated by provincial governments?

Learn more about the government’s role in regulating the insurance industry.

The truth behind auto insurance myths

There are many misconceptions about car insurance. Discover the truth behind the most common myths.

What is an "act of God"?

Find out more about insurance terms like "acts of God", perils, exclusions and what they mean to you.

Call, Click or Come in. It’s your choice!

Now there are three ways to connect with The Co-operators. Call our Contact Centre, visit our website or talk to your local Financial Advisor.