How can I be safe and prepared?

Browse through this section for our best safety and prevention tips for everywhere you work and play.

Steer clear of auto fraud

Incidents of auto insurance fraud have increased across the country. Learn more and find out how to protect yourself from it.

How to prevent fires at home

Discover a few easy ways you can help prevent fires in your home.

Insurance tips for home buyers

Thinking of buying a new home? Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your investment.

Take stock of your belongings

Get to know the value of your home and what's in it before you have to make a property claim.

Home Fire Sprinklers

Learn how fire sprinklers save lives and reduce property damage.

Preventing crime in your business

Reduce the chances that you or your clients will be victims of crime with these measures.

Sow the seeds of farm safety

Farm safety prevents injuries to your family, employees and visitors, and it’s good for business. Learn more about what to look for on your farm.