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Facts at your fingertips

Answer Centre

Facts at your fingertips

Confused about insurance and finances? We can help. Learn more about insurance and smart investing strategies. We'll also give you helpful tips on safety and loss prevention, how to be more sustainable and what to think about at different stages of your life. Check out our handy retirement and financial calculators, too!

Understanding your insurance policy documents

Here you will find definitions of terms found in your policy documents.

Earthquake Coverage

Protecting your family, your home and your business from an earthquake are main priorities. Learn how much coverage you'll need, and how to stay safe and prepared.

Guarantee your investments

It’s easy for you to make the right investment choices with Versatile Portfolios™, which offer a guarantee on your principal and many other benefits.

Why do premiums change? 

Learn what causes premiums to fluctuate, how rates are calculated and what you can do to manage your insurance costs.

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