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When it comes to selecting the right insurance, do you consider the impact of your choice on the environment, the economy and others around you? As a co-operative organization, we’re committed to providing clients and communities with insurance options that fit their values. Select a product below to learn about integrating sustainability into your insurance coverage and investments:


In collaboration with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada, we have developed a gamified, social media–enabled mobile app. Its goal is to empower Canadian homeowners in creating more resilient homes, by enabling them to: become aware that they are at risk; understand the specific risks they face and how to assess them; understand what they can do to mitigate those risks; and take action to prevent potential loss.

If you own a home, play the Get Ready Game online or search for "Get Ready Game" on the App Store or on Google Play. You'll discover the impacts of natural hazards and how to prepare for them.

Making a Home Claim?

Through our ReClaim program, we donate salvaged property and building materials to Habitat for Humanity ReStores, reducing waste and positively contributing to the organization’s building projects across Canada. Learn how you can contribute to building more resilient communities in your area.