Logo Guidelines

The materials provided here are the exclusive property of The Co-operators and are protected by copyright and trademark laws. They are provided solely for use by authorized persons only. They may not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of The Co-operators. Persons authorized to use the material may only do so strictly in accordance with the rules set out. THE UNAUTHORIZED DOWNLOAD, USE, DISTRIBUTION OR REPRODUCTION OF THIS MATERIAL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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Minimum size, logo with tagline:                  1.5 inches wide.
Minimum size, logo without tagline:             1 inch wide.

Please use your best judgement; a logo that is 1.5 inches wide will not fax very well, but it may be perfect for small newspaper ads.

Protection zone

Use the height of the letter 'e' in the word 'The' as a unit of measurement for the protection zone around the logo. No type or graphic element may be within the protection zone. The logo must stand out clearly.

Logo usage guideline

To find out how to incorporate The Co-operators logo correctly in your layout, please click on the link below:

Logo usage guidelines

All design work needs to be approved.

Any time a logo is used it must be approved by The Co-operators. Please email the proof to advertising@cooperators.ca.


Logo and tagline elements of design

The Co-operators logo consists of three C's coming together at an open centre, closely linked, which stand for Canadian, Co-operatives and Credit Unions (our member organizations). The three parts of the symbol also represent our three geographic divisions: Atlantic, Ontario and the West.

The symbol was designed to reflect sharing, working together and the strength that comes from dynamic relationships within the parts. The symbol complements the stylized Bookman bold italic lettering chosen for our name.

The Co-operators name,  three C's, and the tagline are  registered under the Federal Trademarks Act.   They are owned by The Co-operators Group Ltd.    In order to protect the mark from going into public domain,  the Act requires that The Co-operators controls its usage.

The logo must appear on all company related materials including marketing support material, reports, forms, policies, signs, advertising, letterhead, business cards and related promotional items.

As the logo itself is a unit, in most cases, the three C's should not be separated from the company name. There are some cases where the three C's are okay on their own (e.g. name tags, designs for folders, etc.). Also, the three C's should never be turned upside-down or sideways.

The tagline

The Co-operators "Better Place" tagline reflects our roots in the co-operative movement. It positions us as one of the few insurance companies that is truly committed to making Canadian communities better, safer and happier places to live. Hence, a better place.

Our tagline addresses our contribution to people's lives on an everyday basis, our ongoing support of charities and community organizations, and the community involvement of our agents and staff. This tagline also addresses the fact that The Co-operators is a provider of quality products, reinforcing to our clients that they have chosen the best insurance company for their financial and insurance needs.